8R’s Retreat Filled with Fun!

On a sunny Thursday 7 May, 8R arrived at the large Southbourne site to take part in some exercise to understand about vocation. The early, busy school buses and cars arrived with excited students full of energy, while some quick walkers appeared feeling ready for the day.

To begin with, Theresa set up a wonderful game of “Would you rather?” which got everyone thinking about good and bad situations. For example, one of the questions was, “Would you rather be rich and dumb or poor and intelligent?” The majority of people voted rich and dumb as they said, “You could always have extra support to learn using the money.”


Next, we played a game where we had to have a piece of card stuck on our backs and different people had to write on each card saying that person’s qualities, for example; kind, caring, loyal and supportive. It really helped everyone to understand how our personalities shine through.


As our mass was quickly approaching with Father Brian, we got into groups to write some thoughtful bidding prayers, about our school and community also for those people around the world who are suffering. As we were the only our class in mass, it gave us the opportunity to look carefully at the responses and how the alter is laid out.


Everybody ate their lunch as fast as a lion so they could have a chance to go out onto the yard to play a game of football and talk in the sun. This day helped everyone feel prepared for the upcoming year.


Another activity involved cutting out stories in newspapers linking to our theme ‘Vocation’. Some teams were a little more ambitious, trying to get all their stories to stay on the board including one about McDonalds! We ended this fun packed day with a peaceful session of meditation by Maggie which really calmed us down and made us feel closer to Jesus.


8R really enjoyed this day!


Student Reporters: Maisie Woodward and Miah Herford, Year 8