A change for the better

Since September our Citizenship group has covered many different topics and tasks. One of our topics we covered was about interfaith including religious tolerance, communities and identities. Whilst learning about the different faiths and cultures we realised that interfaith was taking place nationally 1219 November where as St Peter’s had planned for it to take place next June.


As a group we discussed it and agreed it made sense if interfaith took place in the same national week. That way our school community would be able to celebrate at the correct time in and out of school. We decided to write a letter to Mr Todd, our Headteacher, we explained our thoughts and aims and he too agreed that interfaith week should be held on the same national dates.


Next we spoke to the chapel and started organising how this was going to work and what we were going to do for interfaith week. We came up with a few ideas and it worked out well. It was enjoyable and interesting doing this because as a class we got together and took separate roles and through teamwork we came up with a plan which went successfully. We would recommend that if you have any thoughts or ideas you should go for it and try to make a change!


By Emma and Shaunna, Citizenship class 10B.