Art and Photography Exhibition

Recently, St Peter’s Southborne hosted their annual Photography Exhibition. The exhibition, entitled “Wrong? – Absurdities & Abstractions,” showcased the work of GCSE and A-level students.


Eye-catching pieces included everything from sculptures, paintings and dresses made from paper, to photography. In particular, the science lab was a great success, filled with spectacular 3D hybrid sculptures, clay sculptures, preserved insects and paintings.


The A-level pieces as always stunned all the parents and visitors, their detailed and precise realistic paintings were just outstanding.


Mrs Drew, who was one of many who helped organise this event, said, “For me, the exhibition is about creating spaces to really ‘experience’ the artwork. The science lab was an exciting way of displaying the Year 10 work, and I had a lot of inspiration from last year’s Natural History Museum trip, showcasing Kukku’s ambitious Elephant Gorilla sculpture as a focal point in the room.”


A big thank you to the Art and Photography Department, site team, Science Department, Year 13 photography students for supporting this event and a special mention to Josh Green for all his help. Most importantly, many thanks also go to all the GCSE and A-level students who put in a lot of time and effort to produce all their astonishing work.


Student Reporter: Kukku George, Year 10