Bronze Award for staff development

Since the summer of 2014, St Peter’s has been a member of the growing Teachers’ Development Trust (TDT), formerly known as NTEN (the National Teacher Enquiry Network). This is a collaborative partnership of schools and colleges focused on innovation and improvement through highly effective and evidence-based staff professional development and learning. We have a team of 15 teachers who are working together to plan and review innovative approaches to teaching to meet the needs of our students. Their work is informed by access to a global database of latest research into teaching and learning, and further benefits from opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in other schools across the country. The five teachers leading the research teams will be attending the Festival of Education at Wellington College during the summer term, where a gathering of top names in education from across the world will enable us to use the latest insights and evidence-based practice in our planning for the next academic year. The work being undertaken by our teachers is a voluntary addition to their day to day classroom work, and I would like to thank them for their enthusiasm in ensuring that our students have access to the very best approaches to teaching and learning.


As part of our membership of Teachers’ Development Trust, our approaches to staff development were thoroughly audited by the organisation including a consultation with all staff regarding their experience. This revealed an interesting picture, and so planning is already underway to address aspects that could be better, and to consolidate those areas of staff development that are already strong. We were delighted, at the end of the process, to be given TDT’s Bronze Award for staff development. This is a great acknowledgement of all that is already underway, and will set a clear path for our next steps.


As a school, we want to continue to build a highly effective community of staff, so that together with our students we can live out the ambition of our Mission Statement to become “..the best we can be”. If you would like to find out more about our journey, please contact me at the school.


Mr Antram, Deputy Headteacher