CAFOD training – making a difference

IMG_0025Six of our Year 13 students recently returned to Farnborough Hill School to take part in their third CAFOD training session. CAFOD have said that, “The aim of our programme is for young people to gain transferable leadership skills whilst learning about and being inspired by CAFOD”. Our students worked with a variety of other schools, including St Anne’s in Southampton and St Joseph’s College in Reading.


This particular session focused on presenting. The previous two sessions were focused on communication and teamwork. Farnborough Hill also gave the students a chance to decide on the actions they would take within St Peter’s School and our local community to inspire others and develop projects that help our local community and the world at large. Our students decided that they would work with a Bournemouth based homeless charity to provide meals for a homeless hostel as well as planning and running end of term assemblies to raise awareness for CAFOD within school. Students said “Doing CAFOD training makes you feel a part of something bigger and is extremely encouraging in making a difference towards world issues”.


Student Reporter: Lauren Hodgson, Year 12