Dorset Coaching Academy success

netballSixteen St Peter’s students from Year 8-12 have been accepted onto the Dorset Coaching Academy 2017/18, which means they have been recognised as good coaches/sports leaders and will attend training
sessions to advance their coaching.


Congratulations to the following students: Year 8 Kate E, Charlotte G, Hallie G, Hollie S and Lucy W, ; Year 9 Alice C and Ella D; Year 10 Amy A, Sarah E and Lily-May J; Year 12 Tom B, Veli B, Clancy G, Fleur H, Jabe P and Harry W.



Year 12 students Fleur H and Clancy G continue, under teachers supervision, to coach our busy Monday Netball club, with over 30 students attending each week.



Miss Kettle, PE