Drama Trip to Salisbury Playhouse

Last week, all Year 10 GCSE drama students went on a school trip to see the play ‘All My Sons’ by Arthur Miller at the Salisbury Playhouse. The play was directed by Michael Buffong and performed by the Talawa Theatre company, the UK’s primary Black-led theatre Company. The purpose of the trip was to give the students a feel of the theatre environment and to give them material to write about in their evaluation of the play.


‘All My Sons’ is a thrilling, emotional play that really makes you question the morality of the characters. It is a post-World War 2 story set in Midwestern United States. The play is set around one American family, the Kellers, and the whole play is set in their front garden, really bringing the audience close to each and every member of the Keller family. But only at the intense climax of the show do we find out that the father, Joe Keller (played brilliantly by Ray Shell), has concealed a great sin; a sin which led to the unnecessary deaths of over twenty American soldiers.


Student Reporter: Alan Philip, Year 10