Economists Target 2.0 challenge

108Back in July we enrolled in the Target 2.0 challenge – the first time St Peters has taken part in this competition. The aim of the challenge is to persuade economists from the bank of England what they should do to monetary policy to reach the bank of England’s inflation target of 2.0%.


Over the course of the past month, we put in a lot of effort to compose a presentation, each participant looking at different areas of the economy, e.g. demand and output.


On Tuesday 17 November, we travelled to Winchester, to compete against eight other schools, in what was a closely fought competition. This provided us with a great atmosphere as well as a great experience, since we were able to engage in debate with members of the Bank of England.


Although we did not come out as winners, we would definitely recommend this competition to those in the years below.


Student Reporters: Sanal Stephen and Edward Riley, Year 13