Ex-pupil opens doors to music industry!

Lauren Bannon, an ex–pupil of St Peter’s, is making a name for herself. She currently lives in Weymouth and performs for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, festivals, bars, clubs, restaurants, and care homes. She has most notably performed in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s BBC competition I’d do anything! Then, in 2013. her voice was used in a festive recording of ‘I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside’ as part of the Make it Bournemouth tourist campaign.

Since a young age Lauren Bannon has always been surrounded by music. She has been singing since she could talk and was determined to succeed in the music industry. Bannon loved drama and her favourite memories of St Peter’s are the theatre shows. She is very proud to have been part of St Peter’s and thanks the school for being proactive in performing arts, and to the teachers who were always extremely supportive. She said, ‘St Peter’s was great for building my confidence and helped me go out into the world; it is a fantastic school and I have many fond memories.’

She has just been signed to a production label in London, which is going to be very exciting but a lot of hard work. She is booked in the studio for the next two months, where she’ll record an album, which will be released into the mass market. This is her big break and a significant step forward in her career.

Student Reporter: Miah Herford, Year 8