Footloose – one of St Peter’s best productions

DSC_7609The most wonderful and collaborative team of students and staff worked tirelessly to create this year’s show –­ Footloose. Opening last night, in the first of three performances, once again I am in awe of the talent and passion of all involved, and it reminds me what a unique and wonderfully creative school St Peter’s is.

Footloose… an iconic film with iconic songs that so many people know and love. So what do we do with it? The decision we made was to pay homage to the wonder of the film, but in true St Peter’s style put our own twist on it. The stage musical is filled with the same iconography as the film, and surrounded in the most wonderfully cheesy 80’s pop/musical wonder. Yet, it is also a musical that goes to the very core of humanity and the emotions of grief and loss. The play deals with the ways in which these emotions manifest themselves in us and the ways these emotions can become us if we let them, affecting those we hold most dear. Two opposing forces encapsulate this in the play; the proud and determined Reverend Moore failing to come to terms with the loss of his Son and fear for his rebellious daughter as a result, and the angry and equally determined Ren, whose life has been turned upside down as a result of the departure of his Father. As Willard sings “once you climb up a mountain, you can’t back down”, and both these characters are as wilful as each other. Both are hurting, both are ignoring their grief. The play is about a battle to dance, but it is also a search for catharsis, healing, peace and understanding within a community. The play includes the most wonderfully extravagant characters so that as we journey with Moore and Ren, we can also laugh and tap our feet along to the magnificent score and musical numbers.

I really hope, those who get it see it, enjoy the energetic craziness of Bomont and the characters they will meet there, just as much as we have all loved the energetic and exciting rehearsal process creating it. We have laughed a lot, we are sad to see it go, but we are proud to present to you, FOOTLOOSE! So Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes, sit back and remember… Dancing is not a Crime!

Marie Fox, Director


What some of the opening night guests had to say


‘Brilliant! An outstanding performance by not only, an enormously talented cast, but also by the musicians and crew who all played their part with such commitment. The hard work and rehearsals put in beforehand definitely paid off on the night.’


I thought the set was superb and the acting, dancing and singing was extremely good from all the performers both in the major and the minor roles. In fact my daughter was so impressed she asked if she could go and see it again tonight! I thoroughly recommend the show.


WOW! Fantastic performance with a very talented cast. A great night out.


Amazing show – great acting and singing from the whole cast. Well worth watching.


We were absolutely blown away by the performance!  Oh my goodness!  What voices! What acting!  The whole set, music, atmosphere, totally, totally brilliant!

I am still feeling on a high from it, like you do after watching a great show and I can honestly say, without any exaggeration that the drama department, children and school put on a fantastic, superb show – we could have easily watched it again tonight!

My daughter has applied for St peters as her secondary choice and I know will be keeping all crossed she goes now!

The whole cast jelled so well, the comic parts were played brilliantly and I was hit with emotion at all the right times. The lead cast had amazing voices – I particularly loved Ariel’s mum’s voice – stunning.

I hope you can pass on our appreciation to the whole team – it was a brilliant night, Thanks so much!


A fantastic display of young talent in all fields of drama, dance and music, fully supported by a committed team of young theatre technicians.

This was one of the best productions we’ve seen at St Peter’s in recent years. 

What an opening night!


WOW. The show was amazing! So great to see the talent and commitment the students of St Peter’s have to offer.

Not having been to a St Peter’s show before I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everything about it was great from start to finish. The attention to detail, the additional scenes and sets from the moment you arrive in the car park, everything was perfect and very well thought-out.

Could easily watch it all over again. A brilliant night out.