Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2015

Leila Dickinson, Year 12 student at St Peter’s has won her second International Poetry Competition this year. After achieving first place in the Guernsey International Poetry Competition with the poem ‘Bedside Table’ Leila has had further success with her poem ‘Pigs’ which was selected in the top 100 commended poems for the Foyle Young Poets of The Year Award 2015.


This years competition attracted 12,228 poems from a remarkable sixty nine countries. With such fierce competition, to be selected by judges as one of the top 100 is truly a world-class achievement.


Judges Liz Berry and Michael Symmons applauded the winners for a ‘liveliness and freshness that captured our attention immediately’.


Leila attended the Award Ceremony at Royal Festival Hall in London on Thursday.  All winners receive one years’ youth membership of the Poetry Society with ongoing support


Leila has been inspired by her success and continues to work on her poetry.


Pigs, by Leila Dickinson