Fundraising for Virtual Babies

Students in Year 10 have been working hard to raise money to enable them to purchase two virtual babies for the GCSE Child Development course. Events include cake sales, running a café and activity corner for young children at parent’s evenings and plans to host a Christmas craft stall during the last two weeks of term.


The virtual babies work on a wireless band system where the primary carer swipes their band across the baby registering their presence and then proceeds to identify the child’s need and act appropriately. These complex and expensive babies register every action of the carer and log it within the processing system. The data from the babies’ chips are then downloaded and a detailed care report is produced with scores and targets for improvement. The experience of being responsible for a baby overnight or over a weekend will develop the students understanding of primary care; techniques, barriers, infant development and associated medical issues. Transferring and enhancing students learning in classrooms and from textbooks to real experiences, with real responsibility.


We have two GCSE Child Development classes comprising of both boys and girls, all aspiring to be Teachers, Midwives, Paediatric Doctors, Nurses and even Educational Psychologists. These students have high expectations of themselves and are determined to get the best experience possible in this GCSE before considering the move to AS Level Health & Social care in our Sixth Form.


Our challenge is to buy two babies by Spring Term, we need a total of £1,475 for this. The students have so far accumulated £849 and are working hard to push that total to over £1000 with the Christmas crafts.


You can support our fundraising by buying cakes and pop along to our Christmas Craft Stall where we will be selling quality bespoke gifts including our own little snowmen, sock cupcakes and stocking filler treats. Gifts and sweet treats range from 50p – £3.00. Find us in the dining hall on Wednesday 9 and Wednesday 14 December!