Going for gold

DSC_0048St Peter’s Sixth Form students and staff were delighted with the outcomes of their examinations. St Peter’s had 340 examination entries this year and the proportion of grades at the highest levels (A* and A) increased to 22%. That means over one fifth of the results were at this excellent high standard.


78% of students gained 3 or more ‘A’ levels at grade E or above (72% last year) and over 90% achieved 2 ‘A’ levels (up 5% on last year’s figure).


Two subjects with large cohorts are of particular note, 95% of students achieved a C or above in English language (40% overall with an A* or A grade) and 87% of students achieved A*-C in geography. Both subjects achieved an average point score of 41.


Headteacher David Todd said, “St Peter’s School opened its doors to students 80 years ago and it has always achieved high standards. We have a strong tradition of providing excellent ‘A’ level teaching and our tracking and intervention processes have been developed and honed over the years. It was very pleasing to note that the teacher predictions during the year were in line with the final outcomes, which illustrates the security of the teachers’ judgements”.


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