Introducing our New Head Boy and Head Girl

During May interviews took place to find a new Head Boy and Head Girl to represent the school. We wish Sanal Stephen Mulackal and  Sofia Di Adamo the best of luck for the year ahead!


Upcoming Head Boy – Sanal Stephen Mulackal

Why did you become head boy and what was the interview process like?

“I was motivated to become head boy to give back to the school which gave me so much and made me who I am today. I believe I can use the skills and qualities that I’ve gained over the years, from family, friends and from my time at St Peter’s, to contribute to our school community. On top of that, I was inspired by the past head boys, most notably Conor Dunne and Ryan Browne, for their excellent service to our school.

The interviews were a tough ordeal and there were certainly some strong candidates throughout the whole process. The student leaders did a magnificent job, and it really gave me an insight into what sort of qualities they were expecting from a head boy. This was followed by a teacher interview, including Mr Todd, and I am grateful that they appreciated and valued my plans and thoughts for making St Peter’s an even better school.”


What qualities do you think a head boy/girl should have?

“I think it is most important to always be yourself, when you approach such roles. We are blessed to be studying in a school that has a warm approach to people of all backgrounds, and I hope to do my best to represent the family feeling that St Peter’s portrays.”


What do you think of the school right now?

“It’s fantastic! We’re blessed with great facilities, excellent staff and hard working students. I’m very lucky to be able to spend the best years of my life at St Peter’s. Of course, there are always improvements that could be made here and there, but Mr Todd and his team have done a brilliant job to maintain the high standards that act as a beacon to all local schools. This, added onto views expressed by students, will certainly help us to tackle any issues we may face.”


What do you think could be improved about the school and how do you plan to make these improvements?

“Our school is always undergoing constant improvement; let that be with teaching methods or site facilities. At present I do not see any major problems, but I and the team of prefects are always willing to gather opinions from as many students as possible. If we all work together, then we can make St Peters an even more attractive school.

The short term plan is to implement a mentoring system. This is where older students (those in sixth form), dedicate time towards a subject they have a passion for in helping out those in younger years to develop their understanding of what is being taught to them. We believe that talking to and learning from someone who has gone through the same situation a few years back could help ignite a passion and flair for a particular subject.”


Do you have any advice for any future head boys/girls?

“I’ve only just begun my journey, but so far, it’s been an amazing experience! I would advise future head boys and head girls to make sure they grab any opportunity thrown at them. This is because the skills and qualities, e.g. teamwork and persistence, gained from these will surely help you when approaching this position. More importantly, always be yourself, and never doubt for a second you’re worse suited to the role that someone else, because each and every student, will have a unique personality, waiting to shine.”


Upcoming Head Girl – Sofia Di Adamo

Why did you become head girl and what was the interview process like?

“I became head girl because I really wanted to make something of myself and prove to myself that I could be in such a leading role! The interview process was adrenaline pumping and stressful. There were two interviews, one with student leaders and one with teaching leaders – including the Headteacher! Being placed in front of a panel felt different and I was definitely out of my comfort zone but I kept calm and came out on top!”


What qualities do you think a head boy/girl should have?

“I think that a head girl should be bubbly, talkative, attentive and approachable! Have a big smile on your face and a positive attitude to help and create change – these are some of the qualities you should think of developing! The most important thing is to be yourself, know that you have good time management and won’t refrain from taking the lead, and of course work well as part of a team!”


What do you think of the school right now?

“Right now, I think St. Peter’s is fantastic, but there is always room for improvement. There’s a good environment with a beautiful view, brilliant teachers, a strong work ethic, happy students, aspiring students and a real calm family-like feel to the place! It’s such a great school that caters for everyone and really pushes its students to become the best they can be!”


What do you think could be improved about the school and how do you plan to make these improvements?

“A prominent problem that we would like to solve is the lack of mentoring! We want to make a regular timetable so that individual students can have the opportunity to get help from older students on subjects whereby they may be struggling. A big improvement in mentoring will not only benefit the younger students academically, but also improve relationships between year groups.”


Do you have any advice for those who aspire to be head boys/girls?

“My advice for future head boys and head girls is to apply! Don’t think you aren’t good enough or someone else has more of a chance because if you have it in you, then you will go far! This is something I have learnt and if you believe in yourself then you will come out on top. In your application, showcase yourself as much as possible; it’s the little things that count, so don’t think you’ve got to travel to the moon to stand out! I am so lucky and excited to start my year as Head Girl so don’t miss out on such an opportunity by not stepping outside your comfort zone! Lastly, there is no such thing as ‘I’m never going to get it’ or ‘someone else will get it over me’; it’s all about confidence.”



Student Reporters: Alan Philip and Anna Benoy, Year 10