Lego Challenge day with Bournemouth University

lego dec 2014A group of 24 year 10 pupils had a day in Technology programming robots to solve some modern world problems based around: Defence engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Applied Mathematics (logistics) Formula 1 Technology, Toxicology, Computer Generated Imaginary.

The pupils had to design then build a robot from lego, suitable to complete a specific task, it might need a certain type of scoop or carrying platform. Once it was designed and built it was over to the programming in order to steer the robot across the “task zone” and complete the operation.

Points were awarded for doing the task and extra points for returning to the “home” square. There were many solutions to the various problems and the intensity of focus and work rate was tangible!

It really was a case of build-program-test-modify-re build-test-modify in order to get it right.

As the competition hotted up it was announced that there would be Bournemouth University hoodies as prizes for the winners, there was a doubling of effort and the scores became even closer.

At the final totalling up the winners were Joe Murnane, Tom Fox, Matt Buckfield and with an equal score Alex Evans, & Okere Omosevwerha so they went home in a hoodie.

In addition there were spot prizes for excellent individual performances and those went to Blessing Mashanda, Ben Lapworth and Gabriel Moreira-Pires so a big well done to them.

Overall everyone did really well and the organisers told me that they really wanted to award at least another team with hoodies for their work, but unfortunately numbers of prizes were limited.