Light My Path

In early October the whole of Year 8 took part in a two day course with the theme of ‘Light My Path.’ Students were excited to participate as they had attended a similar course with the theme of ‘Empty Vessels’ the previous year.


Students explored the idea of lighthouses, and how they shine their light in a caring and responsible way to warn boat captains about dangerous rocks. They were taught that they can help others by shining their love over fellow students and communities; and of course even strangers. Throughout the two-day course the song ‘My Lighthouse’ by The Rend Collective was played continuously with all classes singing along at the tops of their voices.


One of the most popular activities was seeing Steve Murray mime an amazing interpretation of The Creation Story. Steve, of Behold Ministry – a professional Christian human theatre – delivers professional crafted mimes and dramas, designed to inspire, encourage and challenge.


During PE we used our teamwork skills to complete fun tasks. In Drama, students enjoyed being led around the room blindfolded by their classmates. One student said that they enjoyed History because they got to learn how lighthouses developed from wooden buildings to the huge structures we see today.


In conclusion, both days were a big hit with the students and enjoyed by teachers too. Everyone is looking forward to doing the following theme next year.


Student Reporter: Elle Ward, Year 8