Maths Challenge

Recently, 30 pupils from Years 9, 10 and 11 took part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge. The Maths Challenge is organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) and is taken by the top mathematicians from every school from all over the country. The challenge involves answering 25 multiple choice questions which stretch the participants’ brains to the limit and force them to think outside the box. Congratulations go to all involved, with a a special mention to Robert Olliffe, Year 10, who got the best score in the school and received a Gold Medal.


The following students received a Silver Medal:
Chiara Andreotti, Charlie Hayes, Edward Churchill, Kacper Kazaniecki, Harry Brown, Amelia Gale, Phoebe Harris, Victoria Mccarthy and George Griffiths.

The following students received a Bronze Medal:
Erin Spence, Cara Lancaster, Alan Philip, Alec Yearworth, Rebecca Mccarthy, Yoshiki Cook, Oliver Khoo and Hadley Wells-West.

The following students qualified and participated in the Maths Challenge:
Erika Roberts, Molly Groarke, Ethan Dunning, Isabelle Oliveira, Matilda Simpson, Billy Jones, Jesvin Jain, Grace Barlow, Geremy Gordula, James Morrison, Oliver Warner and Geoffrey Angco.


Student Reporter: Alan Philip, Year 10