Philosophical walk through history

On Monday 9 February, eight Year 12 students went to Lytchett Minster School for a Philosophy and Ethics Student Conference, to broaden their knowledge and recap topics in readiness for their summer exam. The day started with a ‘Philosophical Walk through History’ covering topics such as, The Early Church, The Greek Philosophers, Enlightenment and Post Modernism.


Throughout the day, the students attended workshops consisting of: the cosmological argument for the existence of God, Kantian Ethics, the ontological argument for the existence of God and Aristotle and Plato. Later on in the day they participated in a ‘speed dating’ activity, where the students debated philosophical questions and issues in a carousel format. In addition to St Peter’s, other schools that attended were St Edward’s School, Bournemouth School for Girls and Lytchett Minster School.


With thanks to Lytchett Minster school who hosted the event and Mr Wallace who supervised the group. Also thanks go to Mr Herford who organised the occasion for the sixth form students.


Student Reporter: Miah Herford, Year 8