Poetry By Heart

For the first time at St Peter’s School, on Wednesday 13 January, six students from Year 10 and 11 took part in the school Poetry By Heart competition.


Nancy Lawford, Alan Philip, James Morrison, Anya Mckenzie, Bronson Carrasco and Isabelle de Oliveira all chose two poems, one pre-1914 and one post-1914, from the Poetry By Heart anthology timeline, learnt them off by heart and recited them in front of judges, various staff members, parents, and the Headteacher himself.


The participants were scored in four main categories: Understanding, judged by Mr Holloway, Performance and Voice, both appraised by Mr Pyburn, and Accuracy, assessed by Mrs Male. After all the poems had been delivered – while the judges were deliberating the results – the audience were entertained by the exceptionally talented Julia Hanlon, who performed a number of her own songs with the accompaniment of her acoustic guitar.


Shortly, the results were announced. After each contestant was commended for their efforts and given feedback on their renditions, Anya Mckenzie was announced the winner of the St Peter’s Poetry By Heart contest!


Anya will now enter the next round of the competition – the county stage. If she is successful at county level, she will go on to compete at the Winners’ Weekend at Homerton College, Cambridge. There, the grand final will take place and the Poetry By Heart national champion will be crowned. We wish Anya all the best of luck!


A huge thank you must go to Mrs Nicholls who organised this event, stirred interest in the pupils and made a very enjoyable and rewarding evening possible!


Student Reporter: Alan Philip, Yr 11