Reaching the Unreached letter of thanks

We have received a wonderful letter of thanks, for all the fantastic support that our students and staff give via their donations, for the vital work that Brother Lionel does at Reaching the Unreached (RTU) in South India for destitute and orphaned children and the very poorest families who struggle to feed themselves.


With our help, RTU achieved so much last year to help provide new opportunities to so many children, families and communities.

  • 954 orphaned or destitute children cared for in the Children’s villages
  • 734 poor children supported in their family home
  • 1,529 children educated at RTU’s schools and 213 students supported through college
  • 1,520 village women supported through their membership of the Self Help Groups
  • 131 new houses and 51 new wells built


As Brother Lionel says, “We wait for that first smile, which can take weeks to arrive but at that first glimmer of a smile on the face of a lost little child there will be general rejoicing because at last we know we will have achieved a breakthrough. We long for the day when that child will recognise security and love and the warmth of acceptance and to show that by a tentative smile. That for us always means a victory”.