Revising in Rivers

On Wednesday 25 March, as part of their Geography 2 exam, A Level Geography students took a trip to the Wallington River in Hampshire. Students collected data on factors such as bed load size, wetted perimeter and the river’s cross section. Team work was the order of the day to ensure that all the necessary data was collected. They split into two groups; one group concentrated on four sites in the river and the other group focused on the remaining six sites. The pleasantly sunny weather relaxed students who overall enjoyed the trip greatly. One student said, “Overall, I think the trip was really good and great fun. Even though it was for our exam we were quite relaxed which I think was good because it made us enjoy it more. We were lucky because we had good weather on the day.” This proves that A Levels can be enjoyable experiences – even during exams!


Student Reporter: Lauren Hodgson, Year 12