School uniform and books hit the ground in South Africa

Our most recent donation of sports clothing, school uniform and books hit the ground in South Africa recently and staff and students are now making the most of them. Whilst school uniform and sports clothing is always in demand, the 1,500 books will go towards building a new school library where students can borrow books for the first time. The books represent some of what St Peter’s School doesn’t need anymore; however, a large chunk of the consignment was donated by staff from personal collections at home – there are a lot of non-fiction books as well as good reads from the fiction cabinet.


A huge thank you must go to the current Year 12 students and other former students of St Peter’s. In donating school uniform that is no longer required, they have helped hundreds of children to go to school with greater confidence, knowing they have a good shirt, blouse or pair of trousers to rely on. It really does make a difference and our school community can be proud of actions like this.


The donations were a bit of a surprise to our South African friends, as they didn’t know exactly when it was coming! In truth, neither did we because we rely on the goodwill and kindness of White and Company (a shipping company based in Southampton). There were around three tonnes of books and clothing and it would never have happened if we had to pay for transport, so when White and Company offered to deliver for free (when is up to them – when there is space on a ship), we took the offer! We are indebted to White and Company for their help as we are to Stuttafords, a local removals company, who were also involved and completed the transfer from Durban port to our school. We could not have done this without them, also.


Mr Ridley, subject leader for Citizenship and International Coordinator