Shore Ideas Success Slow, Steady and Stressful

pop shake make

Last year as part of our Sixth Form Enrichment Scheme, collaborating with Shore Ideas, five of our students successfully attended a ‘Dragons Den’ style business pitch, presenting their ‘pop shake make!’ idea to five ‘Lions’.


‘pop shake make!’ is a drinking cup that has a multi-use storage compartment at the bottom, which holds different flavour sachets.


The last few weeks have been very stressful for the ‘pop shake make!’ team. There has been much confusion in the process of ordering our products which are going to be coming from China. We have been in contact with many different departments of our suppliers whilst in the process of finalising a payment deal for our order within our guidelines given to us by the YMCA who gave us our seed fund of £1,000.


However, there have been no issues obtaining our flavouring substance. We have decided to use Crystal Light sachets from America. The flavours we will be getting will be: Raspberry Lemonade, Natural Lemonade, Wild Strawberry and Cherry and Pomegranate.


We have decided that the price for customers to buy one of our bottles – which has a multi-use storage compartment at the bottom in which you can hold your sachets, medication or whatever else you might want to store and two of the flavoured sachets of random flavours – will be £3.99. We believe this is a reasonable price considering the quality of our product and how different it is.


The next step forward is to promote and obtain pre-orders for our product, the profit of which will go to our chosen charity – Shea O’connor Combined School in South Africa. As well as fundraising for Shea O’connor, we are also sending over drinks with multi-vitamin tablets as we know they are deprived of such necessities in their diet and this could greatly benefit their health and well-being.


We would really appreciate your donations so they can have a better education and standard of living. To donate to our cause please follow this link


Until next time, Pop, Shake, Make!


Thomas Dingley, Jon Sims, Sanal Stephen, John Mitchell and Michael Uden-Halls