Celebrating the Women’s World Cup

To celebrate the Women’s 2015 Football World Cup and National Sports Week, the Year 9 and 10 girls took part in a Tri-series Competition. The Blue team finished winners, The Red team came second whilst the White team finished third. The results also contributed to the Sports Day total scores. Thank you to our Level 2 Sports Leaders for helping in the organisation and refereeing as part of their volunteer hours.


Part of the initiative also involved the school receiving a set of pedometers which the girls proudly wore to measure the number of steps that were taken during the tournament. The largest number recorded in a 12 minute game was 2767. The grand total of steps achieved by the players was a massive 48676, equivalent to approximately 23 miles in 36 minutes!


These girls can!


Football club will start up again in September as part of the FA Mash Up, Just Play and Team Sixteen Programme which will involve both inter and intra school fixtures. All abilities are welcome.