St Patricks Day Céilí

There was a promising turn out amongst the Year 9 students for this year’s St Patricks Day Céilí, with a few parents and members of staff also eager to give it a go. The session started off with an energetic warm up to the soundtrack of Riverdance before being taught a few simple steps.


Implementing the steps, everyone paired up and lined out to perform a simple but fun routine called the ‘Waves of Tory,’ a dance that represents the crashing waves on the Island of Tory, just off the picturesque Donegal coastline. By the end of the session and after several runs through, the attendees had the routine mastered and offered an entertaining display to all the audience.


The session finished with a spectacular showcase from two very gifted students, Caelainn Creaven and Sophia Jee. Both Irish dance as a hobby outside of school and used this opportunity to exhibit their magnificent talent.


Congratulations to all involved.