St Peter’s invited to meet the State Secretary for Education

SS for EducationAs St Peter’s Catholic School is amongst the top 100 ‘most improved’ schools in the country, we were given the opportunity to send two members of staff to a formal reception held by Nicky Morgan MP, the State Secretary for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities. Mr Ridley (Geography) and Mrs Nobis (History) were chosen to represent St Peter’s at the reception held in London today. Mr Ridley also spoke with Nick Gibb MP, the Minister for School Reform. He was insistent that learning lots of knowledge equalled schools having high standards but he was assured that we have always had high standards and that our high expectations mean we ask students to be the best they can be.


We were treated to a very nice introductory speech from the Secretary of State, she thanked us as a profession and for our daily contributions to the country. The evening was a good opportunity to meet other teachers who are committed and forward thinking; we made the most of this and talked to a wide range of very interesting people (including teachers from primary schools and even a hospital school). The Secretary of State for Education was in high demand, she couldn’t speak to all of us but we enjoyed listening in to other people’s conversations. Our question regarding her views about teachers (and have they changed since she took up the position?) was asked, and as she started to answer it she was whisked away to vote in the House of Commons! It was a valuable insight into what Ministers are like and some of the things they are considering; however, it was really great to talk to other professionals freely. We came away appreciating the chance to attend opportunities like this and to share the good practice that characterises our school. We hope other colleagues get the chance to do likewise as it’s a fair measure of being in a forward-thinking school that’s doing very well.


Martin Ridley, Geography & Francesca Nobis, History