St Peter’s students excel again

DSC_0044Students and staff were once again celebrating today – this time for the excellent GCSE results. The progress of students at St Peter’s improves every year.


An outstanding 14 students achieved ten or more A* or A grades and a further impressive 27 students achieved 8 or more grades A* or A grades. Nearly 1 in 5 of all students have gained five or more GCSEs with A* and A grades and over 20% of all were at A* or A grades. 46% of all entries resulted in A* to B grades.


David Todd, Headteacher said, “We have done excellent work in making a difference to these young people’s lives and their futures. My thanks go to the staff, the students and their families for resilience, hard work and determination.”


In the government’s new measure for English and mathematics 69% of students achieved a C or above in both, with 75% gaining a C in either. According to old statistic (no longer used by the Government) the proportion of students achieving five or more subjects at C or above, including English and mathematics is 66%, 1% better than last year with a cohort that were 7 points lower in terms of attainment on entry.


Last year our value added score for Year 11 was the third highest in Bournemouth and fifth across the four local authorities. This year our attainment is even higher but for a year group that originally joined the school with lower achievement. The new value added score (called progress 8) according to our calculations has improved from 0.38 last year to 0.42, which would be significantly above the national.


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