Year 10 film gains St Peter’s two defibrillators

With the help of Year 10 Citizenship students, we have recently heard of our success at gaining two Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs – expensive but potentially life-saving equipment that can re-start stopped hearts).


Last November St Peter’s was offered the opportunity to receive the AEDs as a donation if students completed a short film to show why we needed them. The project happened at short notice and required students to work efficiently and carefully whilst understanding the professional advice given to them by Mrs Willcocks, St Peter’s First Aider.


All students in the Year 10 Citizenship class were involved and every student played their part incredibly well. The film was completed after intense work, involving leadership roles, casting and many takes and we have recently learnt of our success in acquiring the two AEDs.


Shalimar Burrows, of the Arrhythmia Alliance (who administered the donation) said “I have just watched the video, it is great!! My colleagues and I have said it is one of the best ones we have received. It is really good that the students have acted out a scenario to prove how important a defibrillator is. Thank you to you and the students and staff who took part in the video.”


As a participant, Toniela said “I really wanted to do Drama and I was very grateful for the opportunity to take an active role. I am glad we were able to raise awareness of such an important issue”.


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