The Merchant of Venice trip

In May, a handful of sixth form students along with Year 11 students had the pleasure of visiting The Globe Theatre in London with the English Department. The trip involved going to watch a performance of “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare. The experience of being a “groundling” (the name given to peasants who attended Shakespeare’s plays but could only afford to stand for the duration of the play) was very surreal; especially after being pulled onto stage by Shylock’s servant, Launcelot. My moment of fame involved representing Launcelot’s conscious and shouting “Stay put!” repeatedly. The trip offered all of us a real insight into how Shakespearian plays were performed, including the way in which Shakespeare  attempted to involve the audience wherever possible.


The play could be described as a rollercoaster of emotions; it contained very comical scenes which had us in stitches laughing, but then quickly went on to reveal a darker insight into the awful treatment of the Jews which , by the end of the play, left a handful of students on the verge of tears!


Thank you to all the staff who planned the trip and took a day out of their very busy week to take the Sixth Formers and Year 11 Students to London. We had an amazing time!


Student Reporter: Beth Trussler, Year 13