The Real Game

IMG_4735Year 8 students at St Peter’s Catholic School spent the morning investigating the world of work by taking on various job roles in the careers simulation exercise “The Real Game”. As well as finding out about qualifications and salaries, students discovered the realities of life such as how much tax they might expect to pay in the future!


One particular highlight of the morning was a special assembly featuring Jim Cregan of Christchurch-based Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Students heard his story of turning a career dream into the reality of an international business with a £1.2 million turnover.


Suzie Cregan, one of the founders of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, commented on “how impressed Jim and I were with teachers, students and the school in general. Jim and I do a lot of talks at local schools and your school is the best we’ve attended.”


Mr.Downes, Careers Co-ordinator, said “our students have been really inspired by the idea that anything is possible if they are prepared to work hard and follow their dream! Many of the students have already said that they want to be the Jimmy of the future!”