Trip to J.P. Morgan

In recent weeks, a handful of Year 11 and Sixth Form students went on a school trip to the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to get a feel of how one of the world’s leading multinational financial institutions is run and what it would be like to work there.


When the students arrived, they were greeted by various Heads of Department who explained the history of, and the range of jobs at, J.P. Morgan. The students then participated in a number of team building activities in teams made up of pupils from a variety of schools. A team leader, a J.P. Morgan employee, would assess their team working and communicational skills. The pupils who made a very good impression on the employees were even able to meet managers from different departments and get personal recommendations on what sector of work they would suit best.


The main aim of the trip was to give students an idea of what J.P. Morgan could offer them, such as apprenticeships, and educate them on how their future decisions, such as the decision of whether to go to university or not, could affect their chances of being employed by a big, multinational firm like J.P. Morgan. Who knows, maybe some of those students who went on the trip could end up in some of J.P. Morgan’s leading positions!


Student Reporter: Alan Philip, Year 10