Year 10 Citizenship trip to Parliament

The day before the General Election, Year 10 Citizenship students went on a school trip to the Houses of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster, which also included a quick visit to Downing Street. The outing was partly funded by the government as they are keen on students learning how Parliament works.


The students visited both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and were shown around by an official tour guide. During the visit, the guide gave them an overview of the history of the Houses of Parliament; this included being taught about The Fire of 1834 in which most of Westminster Hall was burnt down, and that most kings and queens in the past lived in the Houses of Parliament with their spouses. The students were also educated on the common procedures at Parliament, such as the fact that all proceedings in the House of Commons and the House of Lords have to be recorded in Hansard.


Josh K and Hannah M were even able go head to head over the dispatch boxes, exactly where David Cameron and Ed Miliband had their heated debates!


Student Reporter: Alan Philip, Year 10