Year 11 Psychology trip to Monkey World

Early October, Year 11 Psychology students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the world-renowned animal sanctuary, Monkey World in Dorset. The purpose of the trip was primarily to deepen our understanding of the topic of ethics.


We learned about the bad treatment that many of the monkeys had experienced. We were given quite a harrowing and disturbing talk by a zoologist about the experience of some of the centre’s residents. We learned that many monkeys and apes are kept as pets and mistreated by their owners; some are often given inadequate space, others are beaten or forced to wear roller-skates or to smoke cigarettes. There is a lot of ignorance about their dietary requirements so as a result many monkeys are malnourished or overfed, both of which lead to serious health problems.


Although it was quite disturbing to hear of these sad incidents, it was a very interesting prompt in terms of a discussion about ethics – and of course it was also very entertaining to see the monkeys getting up to their customary mischief in a happy, healthy environment.
Student Reporter: Madison Lockerby-Wickham, Year 11