Health and Social Care Year 13 destinations

The value of studying Health and Social Care as preparation for primary teaching nursing, midwifery and even physiotherapy has been positively tested again this year.


Our four would be primary teachers, Leah Sandoe, Marianna Weston, Charlotte Legg and Imogen Omosevwerha have attended several interviews (Chichester, Brighton, Bedfordshire Worcester, Greenwich, Roehampton) and all received multiple offers. Possible first choices at the moment are Marjon, Plymouth, Winchester and St Mary’s.


The interview process for primary education varied widely from university to university. In some cases students were expected to prepare short presentations about how they might teach a book or use a prop. There were also group interviews where the applicants had to solve problems together and one to one interviews with course leaders and practicing headteachers.


Students wishing to pursue teaching and nursing are also expected to pass literacy and numeracy tests. Sometimes these happen on the day of the interview, at another specified time or a student is expected to complete them before attending the interview.


Gemma Holdsworth should be congratulated for being offered a place to study midwifery at West London University. She is also awaiting news following her interview at Kingston. Midwifery is highly competitive. For example she was told at interview that Brighton University received 847 applications for Midwifery and interviewed 200 candidates for 48 places.


Brighton used a ‘speed dating’ format with multiple mini interviews which were all points-scored by different interviewers who might be course leaders, 3rd year students or practicing midwives. The places were awarded to those who scored the highest number of points. Sometimes these scenarios bore no direct link to midwifery but proved to be a test of thinking ‘on your feet’ For example ‘your friend buys you a bath product which has been tested on animals and you are a vegan. What do you do?’


Ellie Bromley’s interview for Physiotherapy at Bournemouth involved group discussions, quick logic tasks, a short presentation by the interviewers and required her to give a 2 minute speech about herself to the group. Congratulations to Emily Wilcox who has secured a place to do Physiotherapy at Brunel.


Natalia Kubala has a place to study Mental Health nursing at Plymouth which again involved being interviewed by practising professionals. Catherine Froud has been offered a place to do adult nursing at Bournemouth. This was group and individual interviews which interestingly she didn’t think had gone well.


Minta Vaidyakaran wishes to become a speech therapist and is starting this journey via a foundation degree. Speech therapy is also highly competitive and requires ‘A’ grades at A level. If top grades are unattainable a foundation degree is a useful alternative.


Lizzie Crowther has just completed a whole day interview at Brighton for Child Nursing. ‘It was like speed dating…5 minutes at each station and completely random questions that are impossible to prepare for’ She also had a maths and literacy exam at GCSE level and a talk given at the beginning of the day.


Health and social Care students do not always pursue health, care or education related careers. Often they may start the course with this intention but change direction. Laura Scotson wished initially to study Primary Education but now has a place to do a Fashion Management degree. Jade Archer may still end up teaching but has chosen to do a degree in English Language first and Brooke Wilkey has moved from teaching to a Foundation Art course.


Several students have opted to take gap years and are hoping to gain places next year. Child Nursing and Paramedic Science are a couple of the desired degrees. Working for a year as a Health Care assistant is an excellent way to prepare for this.


We hope that those students still awaiting news following their interviews are successful. We would like to wish good luck to all our students in the forthcoming examinations.


Mrs Sarah Ellis, Subject Leader for Health and Social Care