Year 13 English Language trip to Winchester University

Did you know that ‘gloxing’ is the term used to describe the sound made when pouring liquids into a glass? Neither did I! I found this out on Tuesday 17 November when Mr. Holloway, Miss Bowen and eleven Year 13 English Language students attended a lecture about the history of English at the University of Winchester by “The most famous linguist of all time”, Professor David Crystal, a man who has written over a hundred books about all aspects of the English Langauge.


Professor Crystal kept us entertained with his charm and intrigued us with his knowledge about language change over the past thousand years, as well as exploring whether any of Hampshire’s old dialect words are still known and used today. So, don’t forget to listen out for the gloxing when you pour your mulled wine at Christmas.


Student Reporter: Katie Oliver, Year 13