Year 7 Pilgrimage to Portsmouth Cathedral

Year 7 students went on a pilgrimage to Portsmouth Cathedral, on Thursday 29 January and Tuesday 3 February. On arrival, groups toured the cathedral. The students enjoyed walking around and looking at the statues and chapels in the cathedral. They got to look around all the aspects of the church, which were The Lady Chapel, Font, Chapel of St Patrick, Statue of the Sacred Heart, Statue of St Peter, Chapel of the Last Supper, Chapel of St John the Evangelist and the bishop’s throne. Teresa, the chaplain at the Iford site, said it was a great opportunity for her to meet the students of Year 7.


After the tour, the students were able to join in the daily mass that they have at the cathedral. Two students from each trip were chosen to do a reading in the service. They had the opportunity to take part in the mass through the readings and communion. After the service, the priest who took the mass told a member of staff that the students of St Peter’s were one of the best behaved schools in the diocese.


Over all, all of the students enjoyed the experience as well as the members of staff. The scenery was amazing but the atmosphere in the building was truly spectacular.


Student Reporter: Emily Colyer, Year 7