Year 7 Pilgrimage Trip

Between the 2–4 February, Year 7 went on staggered trips to Portsmouth Cathedral. This was a special occasion, as it is the Year of Mercy – the school thought this would be an amazing experience for us all.


Many of my fellow peers were looking forward to the bus ride more than the actual cathedral. However upon arrival, we could see the cathedral, and it was beautiful. When I walked inside, I was so surprised. The stained glass windows were so vibrant with colours that shone out at me, just as I would imagine an angel to.


After a quick tour we were guided into a little hall where we had a drink and a snack. We were given work booklets and then set the task of completing them. We went round with our group leaders and answered the questions. After that we said a prayer, then ate our lunch. We also got to attend mass, which was really fun because we got to hold candles. To conclude the day we went to the gift shop before heading back to the bus for the long journey home.


I really enjoyed it, and I think it was a spectacular opportunity.


Student Reporter: Leon R, Year 7