Fashion Photography: Model Students

Year 12 students have been experimenting with fashion photography as first set out in this introductory post here. Taking inspiration from SHOWstudio and fashion films by Nick Knight (ex- Bournemouth Arts Uni student, fashion photography legend), they collaborated on their own film experiments. For a first venture with this media I think they have done a great job. Here are some excerpts:

To support their short films the students also created a series of supporting images. Here are some examples:

thara2by Thara

joshby Josh

ferce copyby Lois

elizaby Eliza


tharaby Thara

It has been a great theme to explore and one that could certainly be extended further. For Arts teachers considering a fashion photography project I would really recommend reading Stephen Bull’s Photography (Chapter 8: Photographs in Fashion) for some thought provoking summaries.

We barely scratched the surface of the rich ‘contextual’ seam running through this complex subject. The depiction of women from the 1920′s to the present day, the influence of documentary photography, the impact of the 1980′s AIDS ‘epidemic’ on the fashion industry, ‘heroin chic’, the relationships between fashion and art – or between fashion and advertising, or the media, or eating disorders… The list could go on. And all valuable topics to help arm, equip and engage students in making sense of what surrounds them.

The beauty of teaching is there is always a next time and I’ll certainly revisit this project. I had a fear of stereotypical responses, which can put an art teacher off approaching a topic (it was the same apprehension with our focus on ‘Selfies’). However, by tabling these fears from the offset, collaboratively identifying the obvious, it can encourage students to think afresh and strive for work with increased subtlety. With this group there is a real sense that this is developing nicely. Good timing – exam project up next!

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