The artists amongst us Part 2: Imaginative Leaps

In a continued bid to inspire Year 11 students, I thought I’d top up the previous post. Here’s a small selection of Year 12 photography mischief. They had their first timed exam session today and, well, here’s how they are getting on:

The starting point for AS Exam Unit is Earth, Wind, Fire & Water.

Eliza has been experimenting with paper and how it absorbs both light and water.


Thara has been pursuing her interest in fashion photography alongside recreating different weather conditions. The cloud was made through a combination of flattery and waving a reflector panel. “…wave this panel for me…look, it’s like you’re God”

Hannah, also influenced by the recent fashion photography project, has been representing the elements with different models. The subsequent images are then being manipulated by those same elements.



Josh has really thrown himself into this project. Literally.

No Photoshop, some bruising.


Year 12′s are certainly raising their game now and for Year 11 students the challenge is on. In the spirit of Josh (but not his style); risk-taking and imaginative leaps required. Give it your best shot!

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