One project for all classes? Absurd

This term (Autumn 2014) we are trying something new. One project theme (albeit a very broad one) with all of our students from Year 10 to 12. Absurd? Yep, spot on. Students from Year 10, 11 and 12 will all be developing work and exploring techniques, ideas and approaches inspired by the theme of Absurdity.

Not ones to be left out, Year 13′s have also been playing with the theme – using our Absurdity Pinterest boards, and mostly the work of Erwin Wurm – but just as a starting point for recapping some technical skills.


Josh has moved on from jumping, to face pegs. No pain no gain. Shots by Michael.

I’m convinced that even if we set the bar high for Year 12′s, the Year 10′s will make the jump required. However, note to all new students reading this: Don’t panic. We want you to take some imaginative leaps, but the stepping stones are all in place. Try hard, take risks; play. It’ll be fun.


Michael under Josh’s 1-minute sculpture instructions

So, why this theme? Well, frankly, there is much in our world that is absurd, ridiculous, unexpected, unreasonable, illogical, surreal and plain daft. We are surrounded by images that, when not of our own making, are delivered relentlessly via 24-hour media. ┬áThe majority of people rarely stop to question this. So – new photography students – starting now, we want you to be a little bit more suspicious: To develop a healthy, questioning curiosity about the pictures that fill our lives, and the events and experiences that shape them. Most importantly we want you to experiment and be playful. Seriously.

Studying Photography is a great way to observe, to question, and to respond to the beautiful, confused and complicated world that we live in.

Task 1 is now up and running: An absurd interaction – one person, one object. We’re looking forward to seeing all the responses. From the unexpected and plain silly; to subversive or thought-provoking. We’ve laid some foundations in class, so, if you want to, go Dada. (Think VISUAL, TECHNICAL, CONTEXTUAL, CONCEPTUAL). Creative mischief starts here; no strings attached.



Hannah, roped in by Calla (sorry).

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