It’s Christmas time, and there’s good reason to be afraid…

Year 12 Photography students have been putting together their own nativity costumes. However, rather than reaching for the nearest tea-towels they’ve taken some inspiration from Danny Treacy’s Them to develop something a little more peculiar…


Harvey’s Dark Angel, Briony’s bearer of gold, Emily’s Evil Elf and Amelia’s re-imagined Mary

Last week, as a group, we identified a range of potential characters. Frankly, a dark and bizarre collective with no christmas cheer whatsoever. These were then drawn out of a hat (our Bob the Builder one, no less) to be allocated at random. Students then had a few days to develop their own unique outfit.

I’m really proud of how they responded. It’s been a busy term and for this group especially – after that particular trip – it’s certainly time to play around a bit.


Nat’s Roadkill Reindeer; Julia as Scary Santa; Evie’s Sinister Snowman; Gabe the Evil Elf


Shannon the Cow; Jonas as a shining Shepherd; Donkey-thing Chloe; Butcher-Shepherd aka Kayleigh; Paul as Joseph Jellyfish (?); Jake the SAS Shepherd and Baby Pauline


This final image was staged as one scene using two studio lights and a black backdrop. Photoshop was then used to add the night sky and darken the areas around the figures. The scene had to be staged quite quickly, the combination of big costumes and warm lighting was beginning to take its toll. Crikes, we almost lost our donkey.

Still, an entertaining afternoon. Particular thanks to ex-student Clayton for working with us this half-term and sharing Danny Treacy’s approach. I’m sure there is plenty more mischief to come.

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