Watch the birdies: GCSE drawing lesson

Just a quick post to share a few pics from Friday’s GCSE Art lessons. Miss Hockley had organised a visit from Liberty’s Bird Rescue Centre who duly arrived with a falcon, a couple of owls and something else too – another bird, very fluffy; might have been a pencil case.

Unfortunately I was only able to pop in briefly and missed the introductory talk. However, by all accounts…what a great lesson! The birds made for wonderful models, with students in both Miss Hockley and Miss O’Hare’s class producing some great timed studies.

And here’s some of the sketches produced:

Excellent job all-round, and a big thank you to Miss Hockley and Miss O’Hare. Shame we didn’t get to keep the falcon though, might just sort out our seagull problems.

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