BPB 2016: Thanks for a dandy time

It’s nearly 11.00pm on Saturday night, the first weekend of half-term, and I’ve 12 6th formers and 2 staff on a fashion shoot in my bedroom…

Admittedly, that doesn’t read well at all – and it certainly wasn’t accounted for in the risk assessment – but such is the inspiration of BPB 2016, when creativity calls these students respond.

Worth remembering too – for this amazing group at least – there is some history with hotel bedrooms


Brighton Photography Biennial (BPB2016) is a wonderful event. If you are a photography teacher I can’t recommend it enough. This year in particular had so much to offer that perhaps the biggest challenge of the weekend (aside from emptying my room to watch Match of the Day) was choosing what to see.

Ultimately it was the abundance of shows and events – including the excellent Photo Fringe Festival - that led us to producing practical work late into both nights.

I’m going to share some insights over the next few posts, but this first one is simply a thank you to the good people at Photoworks, and their amazing volunteers too. Such good things don’t happen without dedication and persistence.

Opportunities like BPB 2016 – free, diverse creative offerings, condensed into (school timetable friendly) time and space – make a significant difference when it comes to educational trips. Thank you.

One of the key exhibitions was The Dandy Lion Project, hence our pursuit of some seriously dapper fashion photography. Below are a couple of responses, courtesy of Year 12 student, Seb.

Further examples to follow soon.


Gabe, mod and moody like


Katrina and Julia argue over which exhibition to see first

Find out more about Photoworks and BPB2016 here

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