GCSE Photography Exam: (un)helpful checklists

Dear Year 11 students,
I know what you’re thinking: I’m over-worrying, it’s all in hand. I can hear the mutterings: “it’s half-term sir, lighten up!” And fair enough, everyone needs a break. Unless you’ve done no work yet, obviously. (Erm, we’re good on that count, right?).

Here’s a list to help* with the GCSE exam unit.

* ‘Help’ as in provide a guide, but vague enough to encourage you to think. This is obviously important: Think hard, sensitively, playfully; think of unusual approaches; think of your work as an opportunity to create something meaningful.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 07.55.37A guide to support with GCSE Exam prep. Click for PDF

And here is a flowchart which might also be of use:


If that’s not helpful enough – sorry. I’m not going to tell you exactly what to do. The best thing to do is experiment, and then bring these adventures to the table. Don’t overthink things. Get out and play purposefully with your camera/sketchbook at every opportunity. Follow your instinct and persevere with the slightest of ideas, however silly or simple they might seem. Something usually arises when you put energy and effort to it.

Remember too, you’ve been studying this for a couple of years, you’re good at this lark.


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