Developing Nicely, in new ways

Quite often, with blog posts, I’m not sure where to begin. But now – and it’s been a while (a deliberate year, in fact) – it’s more a case of how to end. Sort of. I’ve kept this blog, website thing, for 7 years, but – for good reasons – I’m making this the last post.

Mainly because is now up and running. (What are you waiting for? Get yourself over there!)


ArtPedagogy is a new (free) online resource for art educators and students, developed by myself and Jon Nicholls (Thomas Tallis School), a sister site to our We hope it will prove equally useful. I’m still intending to share insights relating to teaching art and photography at St. Peter’s School, but will now do so across the two Pedagogy sites only. Two sites is plenty to play with, what with full-time teaching, light-sabre battling a 5-year old etc. Plus it’s good to make new things.

Our intentions with and are straightforward:

  • to promote and celebrate arts education
  • to share ideas and plans that challenge and stretch our students (and each other – Jon and I, that is – and anyone else who would like to join in).
  • to create new opportunities for collaboration


I’m intending on transferring a few of the most relevant posts from here over to there,  but for now this site will rest as it is – an archive of sorts.

I’m astounded that so many people – thousands of visitors a week – clock up time on this site. It’s really nice to know others beyond St Peter’s School have been interested in our work, plans and ideas. Thank you.

If you are a subscriber to posts on this website, please do sign up for Art pedagogy updates here (and PhotoPedagogy updates, here).

Finally, at the risk of sounding sappy, there are lots of great memories held in many of these posts – not just relating to the classroom either, but to precious family time, and many adventures beyond the school gates. And then there was that trip. Writing this blog has led to many new collaborations, opportunities and friendships, and – hopefully – this will continue in new ways via our Art/PhotoPedagogy sites.

Hope to see you there.


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