All students are encouraged to read as much as possible to support their studies. This should include a broadsheet newspaper at least once a week (or an online equivalent). From this students are encouraged to collect articles and images that offer particular interest, inspiration or relevance. There are also many different specialist art, creative, and lens based magazines available both in print and online.

The following books can be beneficial resources as students progress towards A Level:

Image Makers, Image Takers Anne Celine Jaeger
The Photography Book Ian Jeffery
Art Photography Now Susan Bright
Photography: A Cultural History Mary Ellen Marien
The Photograph as Contemporary Art Charlotte Cotton
The Nature of Photographs Stephen Shore
Photography Stephen Bull
Education of a Photographer Edited by Charles H. Traub / Stephen HellerĀ 

125 Magazine
8 Magazine
AnOther / AnOther Man
British Journal of Photography
Creative Review
Dazed & Confused
SeeSaw (Online)
WINk (Online)