Positive Behaviours for Learning: COLLABORATIVE

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bfl2For the second half of this Autumn term, our Positive Behaviour for Learning focus has been COLLABORATIVE. Our approach has followed the same pattern of the previous focus, PREPARED. 

A CPD briefing outlined intentions to staff and this was followed with assemblies for all year groups to introduce the theme. Tutors have once again played an essential role in its delivery with the PBfL booklet an important part of this (click here to download the full PDF).

All tutors are provided with an accompanying Powerpoint alongside guidance on how to make the most of this booklet during the designated tutor times. A copy of the COLLABORATIVE guidance can be downloaded here.


Page 1 warmed students up with an exercise to develop their own ‘collaborative’ quotes. Students were then asked to consider each others personal strengths and qualities, noting these in the blue box. The subsequent ‘What if’ prompts were aimed at encouraging discussion on the skills required to collaborate.


Page 2 and 3 asked students to reflect on their strengths in SHARING, being SUPPORTIVE and CO-OPERATIVE. The Insights Learning & Development ‘Colour Works’ model then acted as a prompt for further discussion work, encouraging students to consider how their actions and behaviours might be perceived differently by others.

collab_backPage 4 of the booklet was to help students pin down their own specific examples of effective collaboration, and to encourage students to set targets for self-improvement. Tutors will retain all PBfL booklets so personal targets can be revisited throughout the year.

collab_baselineThe  ‘baseline’ expectations, above, were also distributed to tutors and subject teachers as a point of reference in supporting positive classroom management. These are the positive behaviours that, as a community, we hope all students strive to demonstrate every day.

Our online rewarding PBfL ‘points’ system, accessible for viewing by  parents, continues to be a valuable method for recording the day-to-day successes of students. Our first end of term success assemblies will also take place for all our year groups this week, certificates – and a range of additional rewards – are are at the ready, alongside plenty of student entertainment!


 Thank-you to all staff that have helped our PBfL agenda really take off the ground in this first term. It’s a great example of collaborative working.

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