Positive Behaviours for Learning 2015-16: AMBITIOUS

Our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBfL) focus for this half-term is AMBITIOUS. It’s particularly appropriate with many of our students beginning to set their sights on the forthcoming exams.

final_pbfl_stp_mindsetAs always, we will continue to acknowledge and reward positive behaviours (as set out in our PBfL wheel), however, teaching staff will be paying particular attention to those students who are:

  • Aiming high
  • Seeking feedback
  • Making opportunities

Our extended tutor session will take place on Thursday 7th January and below are links to all of the resources to support with this.

Tutor guidance and activity cards: AMBITIOUS (Word doc)
Tutor guidance and activity cards: AMBITIOUS (PDF)
Supporting Powerpoint: AMBITIOUS

In particular, this introductory session will be a chance to consider how best to work towards our own personal ambitions. Our ‘baseline’ hopes for all students are not a bad starting point. These set out the positive behaviours that, as a community, we hope all students strive to demonstrate every day:



Previous resources for our PBfL focus on AMBITIOUS can be found here. This includes further activities, links to inspirational video clips and also shares some valuable revision resources.