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Our May PED-Talk was delivered by Helen Phillips, or rather, by her avatar. Through her work with the Prince’s Teaching institute, Helen had been reading research by the University of Phoenix, and the Institute for the Future, dealing with the challenges of preparing students of today for the workplace of tomorrow. The diagram below summarises the 10 essential skills that we need to develop in children:


Helen unpacks each of these 10 skills for the future in her fascinating talk, and challenges the idea of a “job for life”. She explores the opportunities for subjects to make links with the Bigger Picture, and invited our school to consider the development of cross-discipline approaches to learning, in preparation for the growing use of social media for global collaboration in learning and development.

There are implications for teachers too, as learning to learn in the digital age requires us to address our own CPD, keeping abreast of changes, and ensuring that we are able to use the technology that surrounds us effectively.

The new curricula at GCSE and A level, laden with demanding content, place demands on classroom time, and may restrict our deliberate development of these skills – so how can we as a profession resist this?

Watch Helen’s talk via the link below, and see whether you can think of some solutions!

HPS PED Talk Skills for the future