Teaching & Learning Research & Development Group

Key Aims

  • To lead developments towards outstanding Teaching and Learning at St. Peter’s School
  • To research, identify and respond to school, departmental and individual needs relating to the progression of T&L
  • To trial and develop outstanding approaches and resources for T&L
  • To create a culture of collaboration, innovation, ambition and creativity amongst all involved in T&L

To achieve this through:

  • Providing opportunities for staff to contribute to Teaching and Learning Research and Development at St. Peter’s School through opportunities such as peer observations, themed learning walks, leading workshops, mentored research projects and wider professional development opportunities.
  • The identification of outstanding approaches to teaching and learning within St. Peter’s School and beyond (locally, nationally and internationally).
  • The regular sharing of key findings and insights to TLC teams through methods that demonstrate outstanding teaching and learning.
  • Provoking reflective teaching and learning conversations beyond department level to cross- curricular and whole school level.
  • Evaluating the impact of introduced teaching and learning strategies through a variety of means including use of hard data alongside feedback from teachers, learners, peer observers, subject leaders and wider parties.
  • Supporting the development of the school site as a stimulating, creative learning environment that celebrates, challenges, and provokes teaching and learning.